About Iain Taylor



Based in the small market town of Egremont in West Cumbria, I produce vibrant and vivid images based on the movement and merging of colours and shapes.  Based close to the Lake District I have a wealth of colours and inspiration from nature.  The aim of each piece is to see past the picture and seek out the hidden depths within the creation.

Having been fascinated by colours and patterns from an early age I took to drawing designs with crayons, and exploiting Spirograph in the early 1970's.  The colours and markings within semi-precious stones and nature are also a huge influence on my work.  Always creative, from the age of 13 I started to learn to play drums and have spent many years playing in bands at various levels.  I also developed an interest in Photography and Photoshopping several years a go.  So between my love for music and art, I arrived at Abstract Art as the way to express myself in image.  Keeping Drums to express myself in music.  My photography is usually Landscapes and Seascapes based on what I see around me.

Influences from other Artists would have to include H.R.Giger, William Neal, Gerhard Richter, J.M.W.Turner, J. Pollock, Nancy Wood and Mo Tuncay.  I am inspired also by emotional triggers.  These are out of my control and happen on a regular basis where I really feel the urge to paint.  Usually all I know about any design is the colour combination I am going to use.  The rest of the creation happens in the production.  I enjoy working on smaller pieces which can be very concentrated.  These pieces have a small size footprint but a large visual footprint, this makes them ideal for customers who don't have masses of wall space. 


I produce work with Acrylic paint on Canvas, Plywood and Photographic quality card or paper.  I am self taught in these disciplines and learning all the time!  Working quickly with Acrylics allows me to merge and manipulate them to express movement and emotion into the painting.  I will often apply several layers to try and give extra dimension to the finished work.  I do not reproduce any of my Acrylic Artwork in printed format.  This keeps every piece individual and unique.


Digital paintings and Artwork are produced by using various Computer Software Packages.  I like to use different ones to gain selected effects.  The freedom of creating in a Digital Format, be it Photographic or Pure Abstract, gives me scope to produce images otherwise unavailable to my acrylic paintings.  This then throws in a different direction and media to my range of Artwork which allows for more self expression.


If you would like to know more about my work, or make a purchase or request a commission please contact me.  email liquidimages4u@btinternet.com 

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